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The Sportmachine 3 130 GW is comfortable and responsive without any compromise. With a wider meta width and robust flex, this shoe accommodates wide feet while delivering superior performance. It benefits from a new liner equipped with the latest Nordica technologies present in this range. Primaloft® insulation in the liner to keep your feet warm. A 3D black cork insert allowing a more comfortable fit and making it easily customizable thanks to thermoforming for better precision and a perfect wrap of the calf. The Sportmachine 3 is also equipped with the latest technology in the range: Tri Force Technology creating the ideal recreational ski boot, as powerful as it is comfortable. With the Sportmachine 3 130 shoe, you get performance without sacrificing comfort. Nordica's Sportmachine 3 130 provides comfort and response—without making compromises. Redesigned to offer even greater control and precision, this all-mountain boot is as powerful as it is smooth. Built around a wider 102 mm fit and a stiff 130 flex, it accommodates high-volume feet while offering top-of-the-line support and performance. Its anatomical 3 Force Construction is paired with a new low profile spine and cuff design. This maximizes the transmission of energy from the leg and foot to the liner and shell, boosting control and efficiency. The boot's premium liner and shell can also be readily customized for a personal fit while its Adjustable Cuff Profile can be fine-tuned to better cradle the contours of your calf. As the ultimate recreational boot, Nordica's Sportmachine 3 130 proves that performance doesn't need to come at the expense of comfort.

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