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The Superlite 175+ is a very robust, reliable and lightweight Speed ​​segment binding for ski touring in demanding and difficult alpine terrain. When the difficulty increases in the mountains, everything must work as well as possible in terms of the equipment. With the Superlite 175+, very stable and robust, you move lightly, quickly and efficiently in the terrain. You choose between two walking modes (fully engaged or half engaged) for additional comfort. Downhill, the Superlite 175+ ensures a remarkable transmission of forces from the boot to the ski. The side release is fully adjustable within a DIN range of 5 to 12. The vertical release is fixed, but can be adapted by means of a spare fork available separately. The Superlite 175+ comes standard with ski brakes and weighs just 319 grams in this configuration. The Superlite 175+ is fitted with an Adjustment Plate, which offers a heel adjustment range of 20 mm for adaptation to different sole lengths. Blades can be quickly and easily fitted to the binding in hard or icy snow conditions. Like all DYNAFIT bindings, the Superlite 175+ has been designed and produced in Germany and is backed by DYNAFIT's Lifetime Guarantee. Superlite 175+ binding – for tackling big alpine challenges.

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