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The OAC EA 2.0 are new bindings made in Finland by the OAC brand. The principle of these universal bindings is to be able to work with hiking boots or snow boots, so that it is no longer necessary to buy a pair of boots/bindings to equip your skis.

Beyond this very practical aspect, the system is easy to use and offers good lateral support. The system resembles snowboard bindings. 2 micrometric buckles allow tightening around the shoes. A flexible plate allows you to walk by offering a good rolling motion. The OAC EA 2.0 works with a wide range of soft-soled boots and shoes.

These bindings allow you to use your own boots on Nordic touring skis. Depending on the program, the choice of skis, you can use them for day trips or to go on an expedition (with very cold snow boots). These bindings can be mounted on Nordic touring skis or Altai Hok or OAC Kar 147, Wap 127, XCD 160 type snowshoe skis, etc.

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