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Whether you're looking for fresh powder or springy couloirs, the Faction 21|22 Agent 2.0 is a progressive, flat-tailed all-mountain ski and your go-to for escaping the everyday. For intermediate to advanced skiers, the Agent 2.0 is a lightweight, semi-flex touring ski ideal for all-mountain skiing. You'll love this ski if: You want a light, tourable ski that emphasizes the downhill experience; You think lightness is important, but durability and stability are better; You want a modern spatula that will help you rise above the snow and easily initiate the turn; You prefer a modern shape with a stiffer heel that supports a solid finish on the turn; You want something that floats through the variable conditions found off-road; You want one ski to do it all: long tours, short tours, inbounds, your one ski for traveling.

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