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Find freedom with the Nordica Unleashed 90. Designed for intrepid future skiers, this modern freeski model is as fun as it is versatile. It features a wood core with vertical sidewall to boost the confidence of young skiers. This design improves edge hold while providing smooth descents that optimize performance. Thanks to its rocker profile, this ski is at ease, regardless of the terrain or the conditions. The traditional camber underfoot of the Unleashed 90 makes it a very responsive ski with excellent rebound. Its tip and early rise tail ensure good flotation in deep snow and allow you to let go of your crazy style. Dream big and be yourself with the Nordica Unleashed 90. Set yourself free with Nordica's Unleashed 90. Designed for up-and-coming rippers, this modern freeski is as playful as it is versatile. To boost the confidence of younger skiers, it features a full wood core with a vertical sidewall. This design enhances edge hold while offering a smooth ride that maximizes performance. Its rocker profile is at home no matter the terrain or conditions. And for exceptional stability and plenty of pop, the Unleashed 90 sports traditional camber underfoot. Its early rise tip and tail provide floatation on deep days and give you the freedom to play with style. Dream big and be you with Nordica's Unleashed 90.

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