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The shape of the Blackops 92 Open ski offers secure grip, playful behavior and versatility for skiing on different types of terrain and in different snow conditions. This ski features a paulownia wood core that reduces the weight of the ski by up to 30% to improve agility and maneuverability, without losing control. The Rectangular Sidewall construction offers a combination of materials as well as straight sidewalls along the entire length of the ski which optimize grip, balance and power. The Blackops 92 Open is bi-spatulated, its waist is 90 mm, and its profile is 50% camber with a double rocker of 25%, which makes it particularly suitable for freestyle practice in the backcountry because it will be able to adapt to any type of snow. This ski, like all those in the Blackops range, is the result of the collaboration of Blackops athletes with the creative agency Super Top Secret and illustrator David Habben. Together, they offer you a versatile ski, suitable for freeride and freestyle, and sporting a clean and original design.

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