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The release value of the Rotation Lite 7 binding can be adjusted from DIN 2.5 to 7, making it ideal for children or very light ski touring enthusiasts. Safety and reliability of the highest standards have been central to the development of the Rotation Lite 7 to ensure that the binding can be used by children and young people without hesitation. Its very low release value of DIN 2.5 to 7 guarantees completely safe and reliable release in the event of a fall, even with very light ski tourers or young athletes. The patented DYNAFIT pivoting toe piece attenuates the impacts that can affect the ski and the binding during a powerful dynamic descent. The link release function is thus more reliable and effectively opposes undesirable early release. Its new aluminum toe piece has reduced the weight of the binding to 550 grams to save energy when climbing. The reinforced aluminum heel unit increases stiffness and provides better power transfer between the heel and the ski, turning the binding into a durable, long-lasting partner. The Hub Centering system of all bindings with pivoting stop allows the user to click into the neutral position of the boot as child's play and thus facilitates the adjustment of its position when climbing. Thanks to three different walking modes, you can climb with maximum comfort. The Rotation Lite 7 binding also offers 25mm of flex in its length adjustment, allowing it to accommodate different sole lengths. Like all DYNAFIT bindings, the Rotation Lite 7 was developed and manufactured in Germany and comes with the DYNAFIT Lifetime Warranty. Rotation Lite 7 – Reliability at the highest level.

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