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The Voile 3-Pin Cable Traverse telemark binding bridges the gap between our Hardwire 3-Pin and 3-Pin Cable bindings. It is an ideal binding for skiers who enjoy long days of touring in moderate terrain with occasional steep slopes and who prefer softer plastic or leather boots. The end cap is essentially the same as the Hardwire 3-Pin, being ruggedly constructed with the same 6016-T6 aluminum and hardened steel end cap. The 3-Pin Cable Traverse uses a similar, but slightly lower heel pad than the Hardwire 3-Pin, but, similarly, offers double-height climbing lifts. In contrast, 3-Pin Cable Traverse uses our age-old cable springs, rather than rods and cartridge springs, and loses 11 ounces of weight, per pair, in the process. Unlike the Voilé 3-Pin Cable mount, the 3-Pin Cable Traverse mounts to a 10mm angled riser. (All Voilé risers are pre-drilled with a 4-hole pattern which is standard in the industry.) This moderate wedge still provides good leverage to flip the ski without scraping the toe piece, as well as a best buy in the core of the ski itself. . Versatility on a diet. This is the 3-pin cable crosshead.

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