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The Rustler 10 has long been considered the ultimate freeride ski, and with good reason. As soon as a steep slope on the North face is covered with powder, it is ready to carve majestic curves gently. Ready for a powder jump? Stable and agile, the Rustler 10 allows you to approach the lines with confidence. A lift, and a groomed run to hurtle down? The Rustler 10 offers impeccable glide and loves speed. Want to float in the powder snow? You have found your ally. It is based on two Blizzard signature concepts: Carbon Flipcore DRT technology and an innovative skate concept where the longer the ski, the wider the skate, to offer ambitious freeriders and all mountain skiers more control and buoyancy, even on steep slopes. Its flexible profile with camber and double rocker gives it nervousness and stability, but keeps it playful in softer snow, as well as on any other type of terrain. The Rustler 10 is intended for all riders seeking thrills while wishing to improve their technique.

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