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Treat yourself to a full carving experience across the entire ski area. The Experience 82 Basalt ski for men combines the lightness and anticipated edge control of a Full sidewall construction for all-terrain skiing. A paulownia wood core reduces overall weight, while layers of basalt absorb vibration for a smooth glide. Our Drive Tip design, which provides more assured control, works with the sidecut and Full sidewall construction for a smooth approach to turns and powerful edges throughout the turn. An 82mm waistband balances the feeling of edge-to-edge speed with width to tackle different conditions. Quick engagement, smooth carving The All Trail sidecut allows great responsiveness with fast edge engagement and powerful, consistent carving Reliable and vibration-free control The Drive Tip solution combines directional fibers in the tip with a material promoting soft cushioning in the front of the ski to absorb vibrations for more assured control. Stability and lightness Basalt fibers improve power and stability while eliminating vibration Agility and lightness The Paulownia wood core reduces the weight of the ski and provides a perfect compromise between weight, power and maneuverability Optimal edge control Rectangular Sidewall construction provides race-ready grip, precision and power

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