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Weighing in at just 1120 grams, the Blacklight 95 is a wide, capable touring ski that earns points for the best downhill performance. Your entry into the backcountry: The Blacklight 95 is the widest ski in the Blacklight Speed ​​series. It was developed for ski tourers for whom no distance is too far in their quest for perfect powder. If you want a ski with good downhill performance, but at the same time want to be as light and efficient as possible on the climb to your perfect line, then the Blacklight 95 is the model for you. With 95 mm underfoot, a large turning radius and an elongated tip rocker, this ski is the one made to be fast, carve big turns in the snow and make the most of the powder. The Blacklight 95 has a 100% carbon “UD” top layer. UD is the abbreviation to describe the "plain" or unidirectional fiber arrangement. Compared to conventional carbon construction, UD carbon offers higher tensile strength and greater resilience while maintaining a lower density. The Blacklight 95 has a 100% premium paulownia wood core. Thanks to its 3D construction, the ski lowers its overall weight to reduce its swing weight in front and behind the binding area to essentially reduce the overall weight of the ski. You get an extremely stable ski ride despite its low weight. The construction of the tip and tail rocker as well as the sidecut are also adapted to each ski size, a unique feature on the ski touring market. This keeps the effective edge length equally proportional to each size, allowing it to work regardless of size. In order to guarantee the best possible transfer of power on the ski, the Blacklight is built with an edge entirely in ABS. Additionally, the base has a special racing grind for even more speed. This means you can save valuable time in the "race" to carve the first turns. Blacklight 95 – Your specialist in lightweight, high-performance powder.

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